How You Best Communicate With the Feminine


Feminine Energy

Feminine energy aspires to dance through life experiencing as much fun as possible along the way. It is a side to being human that brings out playfulness, openness and expression and a form of energy that may be reckless and chaotic. Just like the ocean or the weather it can change at the drop of a hat.

Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is about drive, focus, goal setting, vision, purpose, clarity and structure. It is action orientated, involves planning, breaking through barriers and stepping up to the plate. Masculine energy is decisive, tough and gets directly to the point with little or no beating around the bush which means decisions are often made on the spot.

Trending Misinformation

Social constructivism presents the view that if both genders acted the same the world would be a much better place although this has never proven to be the case.

Don’t Believe Everything You See at the Movies

Men who act like women and women who act like men depicted in movies is far from reality. The difficulty with these fake representations of healthy romantic archetypes is that, in the real world, men who act like women and women who act like men screw up their sexual polarity so that there can never be any real attraction.

What Is Sexual Polarity?

Although quite different by nature, masculine and feminine energy are equal forms of energy. They draw strength from one another as complementary counterparts to a whole. And each are of equal value in the scheme of things. Masculine and feminine energies attract or repel in the same way as positive and negative electrical charges (opposites attract, sameness repels). So when a man acts feminine around a feminine woman he effectively levels the sexual polarity and depolarises it. This understandably becomes a big turnoff for feminine women.

Depolarisation of masculine and feminine energies means:

  1. Zero chance of closeness and intimacy
  2. Friend-zoning or ghosting in the dating world
  3. Little room for respect
  4. Slim chance to experience a fulfilling short-term or long-term relationship with a feminine woman
  • What is important to remember is that feminine energy is energy receptive to opening and receiving the strength and love of a masculine person
  • Masculine strength and love can only come from someone who draws masculine energy from his masculine side

How Energies Interact: Women Test Their Men

Women are physically, spiritually and emotionally structured to receive strength from those around them so, simply stated, a woman draws her strength and security from his strength, love and support. For these reasons women test their partners for strength.

Imagine a man in a boat on a broad expansive ocean. It is a crystal clear day and the sun is shining. He is fishing and the fish are biting. It seems to this man his day could not get better. Out of nowhere, a dark and menacing cloud blots the sun. The wind picks up and waves start to crash against his boat. Lightning flashes and thunder roars overhead. Mother Nature it seems is now doing all she possibly can to swamp his little boat. She wants to send him crashing to the bottom of the sea!

Questions a woman asks:

  1. Will he sink and become uncentred, diminished, angry or fearful?
  2. Will he swim and remain consistent and in control of his emotions?
  3. Does she feel safe and protected?
  4. Should anything happen in the future will he handle it?
  • Scenario 1: The man calmly and collectedly points his boat to the Southern or Northern Star and competently navigates his boat to the next bay. Doing this he draws on masculine energy. Her storms start to subside and she feels comfortable and relaxed in her feminine essence, assured of his masculine presence.
  • Scenario 2: His boat gets swamped and he plunges to the depths of the sea having lost the plot. He rejects masculine energy and makes the mental shift from the masculine to the feminine.

Women Experiencing a Weak Male Partner

One outcome to experiencing a feminine man or a weak male partner is for a woman to neglect appearances and act more like a man so that her choice of a wardrobe is less reflective of her feminine side. She may have her hair cut short or choose to pull it back to sport a more masculine look.

Reactive responses are not limited to physical appearances either as a woman dealing with a weak male partner may become bitchy, angry or irritable because masculinity is not her natural talent.

Do What Men Do Best

Biological determinism makes the claim we are all hardwired for masculinity, femininity (or intersex) depending on gender assignment at birth. This means that the secret to maintaining a sexually charged relationship is to embrace either masculinity, femininity or a mixture of somewhere between depending where you feel most comfortable on the spectrum. Whatever your case, remember that sexual energy only comes from sexual dichotomy and never sexual sameness. Note that masculine and feminine energy principles work as equally as effectively for same-sex couples as they do in normalised relationships.

Secrets to a Sexually Charged Relationship

So, femininity is about receiving, loving and nurturing; masculinity about purpose, drive, making plans and displaying competence in formulating future decisions and a truly masculine man does these things with or without a woman by his side. Understand then if you’re serious about maintaining a sexually charged relationship with a woman she must never persuade you from your goals. The smart man knows that when this happens everything shiny that sparkles between you both will soon become a thing of the past.

Your solution to maintaining a sexually charged relationship is simple: be her rock, be unshakable, act strong and stay centred!

This article is inspired by David Deida’s bestselling book:

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